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Many times, churches and houses of worship are unique buildings with multiple buildings or rooms that have different shapes and structural designs. Choosing a roof for your church, or house of worship, can be a big investment.

You need a roofing company with experience that you can trust. Parishioners can have confidence in the roof over head knowing that Umbrella Roofing Systems, Inc. has met or exceeded their expectations for a quality installation that will last for many years to come. Umbrella Roofing Systems, Inc. has installed many roofs for various churches and houses of worship all over the region.

A Duro-Last Roofing System is the ideal solution for your church, or house of worship. A Duro-Last membrane can have up to 85% of the membrane seaming completed in our factory-controlled environment. By eliminating most of the on-site seaming, a Duro-Last roof installation dramatically reduces the potential for leaks. Also, this advantage makes installation faster, quieter and easier which is important to every church , or house of worship. The custom-made flashings are prefabricated to fit perfectly in the field. Most importantly, by installing a Duro-Last roof, our customers find that they receive reliable long-term performance with virtually maintenance-free durability. We also offer custom-fabricated accessories for all of our membranes – making all Duro-Last Roofing Systems esthetically pleasing and durable.

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It’s important to select the right roofing company with the best roofing system that will fit a client’s needs. Umbrella Roofing Systems, Inc. can get you “Under the umbrella” by installing “The World’s Best Roof” and end the bucket brigade.

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