New Construction

We can accommodate any building owner’s new construction roofing project that specifies or could utilize a Duro-Last roof. Each project is carefully examined and then designed to best suit your building’s individual needs. We follow the architect or engineer’s requirements. This include the required insulation and R-value; insulation, membrane and parapet wall attachment; and necessary accessories that are needed to give the building owner a complete roofing system warranty from roof edge to edge and deck to sky.

Umbrella Roofing Systems, Inc. has been installing Duro-Last Roofing Systems for new construction since 1992, giving our client’s since 1992, giving our client’s “The World’s Best Roof” ®.


The prefabrication of the Duro-Last deck sheets and accessories help accelerate roof installation. All seams are heat- welded. Up to 85% of the seams can be completed in a factory controlled environment. This eliminates most of the rooftop fabrications that lead to roof leaks. Our clients can be confident that their roof will last for many years and exceed their expectations.

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It’s important to select the right roofing company with the best roofing system that will fit a client’s needs. Umbrella Roofing Systems, Inc. can get you “Under the umbrella” by installing “The World’s Best Roof” and end the bucket brigade.

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