Roof Evaluation

The roof is one of the most important parts on any building and keeping it in good condition is critical. When issues start to happen, it’s important to evaluate the problem quickly. Whether you have an existing rubber roof, built-up hot roof, steel roof, or even if you don’t know what type of roof you have, often it is difficult to choose between repairing or replacing a roof. 

Sometimes a single small leak may only need repaired. But some existing problems may be more serious than what is perceived and there could be less visible or even hidden damage. Lastly, if the roof is older and time has taken its toll, replacement of the entire roof may be the obvious choice.

Umbrella Roofing Systems, Inc. will perform a complete evaluation of the existing conditions of your roof. This includes coring the roof to examine the existing layers. Afterward, we can present solutions that will solve most any roofing issue at a fair price.

Failing seams on a coated metal roof

Failing rubber valleys on a metal roof

Failing seams on a ballasted rubber roof

Failing glues and adhesives on rubber seams

Failing modified roofing material on a built up hot roof

Core sample of a modified roof

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It’s important to select the right roofing company with the best roofing system that will fit a client’s needs. Umbrella Roofing Systems, Inc. can get you “Under the umbrella” by installing “The World’s Best Roof” and end the bucket brigade.

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